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Why you DON’T need marine plywood.

OK.  You’ve got this fishing boat you got at a yard sale and you want to fix the seats before you go fishing.  So you want a sheet of marine plywood, right?  It’s going on a boat and that means marine, right?  WRONG, on both counts!

Marine plywood is made for boat hulls.  Special processes are used in the making of marine plywood with regards to the face and the core.

What you really want is a sheet of regular old plywood and a bucket of exterior paint.  The thickness is up to you.  ½” to ¾” C-D (roof sheathing grade) will work fine.  If you want a smooth surface, then buy the A-C grade.  The most important thing to do is paint all six sides.  The top, bottom, and all the edges.  Delamination is the biggest cause of plywood failure and that happens when moisture gets in the edges.

Now if you really want marine plywood, any of our locations will be glad to get it for you, but expect to pay between $60 and $100 a sheet for it depending on the thickness and market conditions.  If you go with my recommendation, expect to pay between $15 and $25 a sheet, again, depending on the thickness you need and the market conditions.

What about treated plywood?  Well that’s your call.  Treated plywood will help the longevity of your seat by guarding against bugs eating it and rot, but it will still de-laminate if you don’t paint it.

I hope this helps save you some money on your next trip to the lumberyard.

Kent Porter

Porters Building Centers